• 25/07/2014, 5:00 pm - Venice Biennale

    The Future: We Have It!

    Alexandra Fattal (The Economist) and Federico Fubini (La Repubblica) will lead the WeHave The Future! Closing Talk.

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  • Paolo Baratta's address at Biennale

    The danger of Conformism

    The President’s motto is “si privatum vis, para publicum”. This means that it is essential for a public institution to be managed with an entrepreneurial spirit, being efficient and independent, in order to be effective and successful in its relationship with the private sector.

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  • Renzo Rosso: so far, so cool!

    Revitalizing Stupid

    “It’s not about being the biggest, most wealthy company, it is about being the coolest, the one that has a story” were the words of advice given to WeHave The Future! by Renzo Rosso the founder of Diesel.

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    Bill Emmott's opening address in H-Farm
    Featured Guest: Riccardo Illy

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